Sunday, October 22, 2017

San Telmo

Since today was Sunday, it was time to visit San Telmo and the famous Sunday market. Our new friends, David and Judi, from New Zealand, who we had met at Iguazu Falls and who happened to be staying at the Sofitel, joined us. We shared an Uber over to the San Telmo area. Street musicians were filling the air with their music. It was a sea of people, both locals and tourists, and both sides of the street (streets) were lined with craft stalls selling souvenirs, homemade art, freshly squeezed orange juice and antiques.

We walked around the stalls, slowing, looking at the antiques, the souvenirs, the junk, but mostly the people. Tourists. Locals. Families with children. Shopping. Bargaining. Cafes and restaurants with outdoor tables. It was spring. Winter was over and everyone was enjoying being outdoors.