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Mongolia Day 8 (con’t) – Flaming Cliffs and Dinosaurs

National Geographic Trip to Mongolia – Day 8, June 18, 2017  (con’t)

Back to Three Camel Lodge – the TEST

We got back to the Three Camel Lodge, had lunch, and then met in the Lodge theater. This was our big test. This was a photography trip after all, so today we each had to turn in 5 photographs to be shared with the group and then critiqued by Michael Melford, our Nat Geo photography instructor. We climbed down the stairs to the dark theater which was decorated with masks.

Mongolia Day 5 (con’t): The Three Camel Lodge

National Geographic Trip to Mongolia, Day 5, June 15, 2017

Three Camel Lodge

After our early morning flight and our morning introduction to the Gobi, we finally, finally arrived at the Three Camel Lodge. The first thing we saw was a large herd of horses milling about a water trough. Then behind the horses were the gers, all lined up with their brightly painted orange doors. This was not your usual ger camp. This was a place that “offers a luxurious take on the traditional nomadic lifestyle.” That’s what the website said. But I don’t think any nomads live like this.

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