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Papua New Guinea Part 8, More villages and final thoughts – October 2014

October 19, 2014

Once again we were treated to a beautiful sunrise, The skies were so clear as it rained all night long, with the rain hammering down on our aluminum roof.

Since it is Sunday morning, on our drive to our next set of villages, we saw everyone dressed up to go to church. One woman was carrying a huge bouquet of about 30 Calla lilies, and another had a multicolored bouquet, all to take to church. Many of the women were wearing colorful dresses although a portion wore black skirts with white shirts. The children wore dressier clothes then we had seen during the week.

Papua New Guinea Part 7: The Mudmen – October 2014

October 18, 2014

Mt Hagen and a day of villages

We were greeted this morning by another spectacular sunrise. The fog sat at the bottom of the valley like a field of snow. And the sun turned the sky into the most beautiful blues and pinks and yellows, looking more like a painting than life. Whether you believe in G-d or Mother Nature – it was a work of incredible art.

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