October 13, 2014

Always expect the unexpected

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise, one of many we will see here.
The air is so unpolluted and the clouds and fog just hang in mid–
air like a lake of white. And then the sky turns yellow and pink and
purple and mountains glow. That is Papua New Guinea.
Haro picked us up at 630 this morning to get to the airport
(remember 3 min away) for an 800 flight. We were the only white
people in sight. We stood on line with Haro waiting our turn to
check in. The woman behind the desk saw we were flying to Tari
and asked if we would be staying at the Ambua Lodge. When we
said yes, she got all excited. Seems she is from Tari and she
could not stop praising the beauty of the place. She was so happy
for us that she put priority tags on our luggage (you will see why this is funny a bit later).

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png day 2 October 13


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