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Buenos Aires Part 6 – More food, more tango

Monday, October 23, 2017

Today was our food tour day.  We met Mariana, our 25 year-old guide, in the lobby of our hotel. She works for craft beer company, working with the brew master when she is not acting as a guide. She had set up a mate brewing station as that would be our first lesion and taste.


Mate (pronounced MAH-tay) is in your face aggressive when you first drink it, that’s how strong it is. But in BA, everyone, EVERYONE drinks it all the time.  They drink it on the street. They drink it in the subway. They drink it on the bus. They walk around everywhere carrying their thermos and other mate paraphernalia. And they share it with all their friends, so it is also a very social drink.

Buenos Aires Part 3 – La Boca

October 17, 2017

La Boca

We approached the La Boca neighborhood, known as the barrio of Buenos Aires. As with most of Buenos Aires, it has a strong European flavor as many of the early residents were from Italy, specifically, Genoa, as well as from Spain, France, England, Ireland and other eastern European countries. While most people think it is called La Boca (the mouth) because the neighborhood sits at the mouth of the Matanza-Riachuelo River, another theory is that it was named after the Genoese neighborhood of  Boccadasse (or Bocadaze in Genoese dialect).


The first thing we saw was murals on the walls of the apartment buildings, of the most important things in Argentina – tango and football (ie, soccer).

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