September 2021

The Grand Teton National Park

This is the third and last post from a trip my friend Debby and I took in September of 2021 to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks. We were traveling with Natural Habitat (Nat Hab) along with our guide Kurt Johnson and five other travelers, Joan, David, Erin, Chet and Travis. The last two days of our trip were spent in the Grand Tetons. I mentioned in my other posts that people come to Yellowstone to see the wildlife. In the Grand Tetons, it is all about the landscape views of the mountains.

The Grand Tetons are in the northwest part of Wyoming, just outside of Jackson Hole. It is most famous for the 40-mile long Teton Range of mountains, and mostly the mountain peaks. And not only are they long, they are tall, at 13,775 feet. And not only are they long and tall, they are old, the oldest in any American national park dating back as far as over 12 million years.