Bagan 2016

Days 2-3

The day began very early as we had to catch a plane to Bagan, our next destination. We were given breakfast boxes with fruit, a sandwich and juice, which we ate in the car. The airport system here is like none I have ever seen. First, as you would imagine, the airports outside Yagon are all rather small. Check-in areas are really just a desk. Our IDs or passports were never checked, maybe because Toe was with us and she arranged everything. Or maybe they just don’t check. Once checked in, everyone gets a sticker to wear and that identifies you as belonging on that plane. We also had boarding passes, but it was open seating. And the planes were all propeller planes. You have to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight time mostly because the planes often leave early. The timetable is just a suggestion.

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