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Mongolia Day 4: Genghis Khan and the Eagles

National Geographic Trip to Mongolia, Day 4, June 14, 2017

Sunrise again (well, it does rise every morning)

Our itinerary this morning said, “Enjoy a morning at leisure before returning to Ulaanbaatar,”  Ha! We were up before the crack of dawn, heading to our next site to photograph another sunrise.

This time we were going to the river to watch the sun come up on the other side of the bank. I was in the car with Michael, our photography teacher, and the car was having difficulties moving across the terrain. Every so often the driver would stop, back up and then go forward again. Michael was going crazy as we were racing the sun.

Mongolia day 2: Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve

National Geographic Trip to Mongolia, Day 2 June 12, 2017

Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve


Today we left UB and headed south-east to the steppes of Mongolia, to the Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve. Instead of the bus, which would never make it on the “roads” outside of the city, we became a caravan of vans. The cars were all numbered and drove in order. We were in the car with Azaa, as well as Tommy and Marilyn so the four of us got to ask Azaa lots of questions and learn more about Mongolia on our long drive.

We quickly left the city behind us, the tall buildings morphing into brown mountains. Brown is the primary color now as Mongolia is in a draught.

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