Amsterdam – April 22, 2022

The Floriade is an International Horticultural Exhibition, a large fair , an expo – sort of like a World’s Fair, but all about flowers and trees and protecting our earth. It is about negotiation and the exchange of ideas about how we use our earth so that we don’t exhaust it. Experts from all over the world come together at Floriade to present green solutions that make our cities more enjoyable, beautiful and sustainable. It is a celebration of green and sustainable technology with exhibits on new technologies for greenery, food, energy and health.

The Floriade occurs only once every ten years, and we, my friend Debby and I, were fortunate enough to be here to experience it. We were in Amsterdam for a Viking Riverboat cruise through The Netherlands and Belgium,  choosing this time of year primarily to see the tulips blooming. Keep an eye out for more posts from this trip.