PNG – The land time forgot

We traveled to PNG in October of 2014.  That was before I had a blog, so my diary was in PDF files.  Those are attached for you to read and to see the photos.  PNG is a magical place full of contradictions.  I hope you enjoy this.

The first white men to enter the interior of Papua New Guinea (PNG) were the Leahy brothers in 1930. It was the last place on earth to be colonized by Europeans. Australia tried to bring civilization to PNG and used the people as cheap labor for the plantations. But there was little to attract the white man until gold was discovered. The natives had no idea about civilization. They thought the white man was lightening from the sky or that their ancestors had turned white and were returning g from the place of the dead.  They knew nothing of the outside world; in fact they thought they were the only people in the world. The Leahy’s had backpacks with them and the natives thought that the white men’s wives where inside their backpacks.