March 31, 2014

Northeast coast of Taiwan

At 12:30 we were picked up in the lobby to set off in a van on a tour of the Northeast coast of Taiwan. The description of the tour promised fascinating rock formations, lighthouses, fishing villages, pastoral farmlands and temples. As we were leaving town, we passed the obligatory Ferris wheel (seems every city in Japan and Taiwan has one). We drove along the coast, heading north. There were no longer any chimneys everywhere or buildings surrounding us (remember I mentioned how dense Taipei is). Instead we saw rising mountain peaks, ocean, unique erosion landforms from the waves hitting the rocks over the centuries, fishing villages and little villages nestled in the crooks of the mountains. The road was narrow with short tunnels cut into the mountains. The views were beautiful of the water and the green mountains with their tips covered in fog, boats on the water, and a lighthouse (I guess the one they promised we would see).

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